CARBONDALE, Colo —Forget gays, heterosexuals, metrosexual and bisexuals, the nationwide cool thing to be now is “Lumbersexual.”

The Lumbersexual trend comes to the valley

CARBONDALE, Colo —Forget heterosexuals, metrosexuals and bisexuals, the nationwide cool thing to be now is “Lumbersexual.” The trend apparently started gaining traction in LA and NYC in 2014.
Like it or not, Lumbersexuality has come to the valley, where young men dress and try to look like rugged outdoor types. The Lumbersexual is typically clad in flannel, boots and rolled-up jeans. Many have very full beards and a plethora of tattoos on their arms and neck.
They may try to look the part, but instead of working and playing in the rugged outdoors, they can be found in trendy coffee shops typing away on their MacBook Air’s and smartphones while sipping on a grande, iced, sugar-free, vanilla latte with soy milk.
“Based on appearances, you would think you’d find them working out in the woods or on a ranch, but typically many of these guys can’t even change a tire,” said one local fashion critic. “Their area of expertise is more in line with social media technology, with particular emphasis on Snapchat and Instagram.”