Rifle, Colo. — Move over, Man Cave. The hip new trend now is the “Ma’am Cave.”

New for 2016 — the ‘Ma’am Cave’

Rifle, Colo. — Move over, Man Cave. The hip new trend now is the “Ma’am Cave.”
Sick of being left out from their husband’s man caves, local women have formed a group to bounce ideas on how to form the female version as a Ma’am Cave.
“I can assure you, it won’t have neon beer signs or football paraphernalia,” one group member said. “Pink will be the dominant color and posters of half naked men will adorn the walls.”
The Ma’am Caves are typically being decorated with pink-covered pool tables, lace curtains, bottles of wine, boxes of chocolate and decorative wine glasses filled with tampons.
“We want to provide everything that a woman might want or need in their ma’am cave,” said Wanda Bitterstein, president of the group. “It’s time that we had a space of our own, just like our men do.”
The television sets in the Ma’am Caves will feature such shows as “The Golden Girls,” “Food Network,” and “American Idol,” along with movies such as “The Notebook,” “Dr. Zhivago” and “The Sound of Music.”
“And everybody is encouraged to wear their comfy pajamas and their bunny slippers,” Bitterstein said. “We’re tired of watching football and Nascar with beer and chips. We want something that WE enjoy that doesn’t involve farting, foul language and burping.”
The Ma’am Cave group meets at every month during the collaborative menstrual cycle (whoever is still having one, of course.)