Cow tipping is a thing of the past.

Rifle pranksters tipping over port-o-pottys

Cow tipping is a thing of the past.
The new rage for pranksters and bored teenagers in Rifle is now port-o-potty tipping. They hide behind a trees and walls and sit in waiting for unsuspecting potty visitors, and while the visitor is inside, they sneak up to the potty, tip it over and run!
“They do it at construction sites and at outdoor park events,” reported city official. “I just hope nobody gets hurt.”
Unfortunately, many times the contents of the potty will spill all over its occupant and let’s just say, the language that comes out of the person’s mouth is, appropriately enough, called “potty mouth.”
“I was just doin’ my business and the next thing I knew, I was lying on the side of the container with crap all over me,” said one victim. “If I find those little suckers, shit really is going to fly!”
Police have no suspects in the case, but say several town trustees are included as “persons of interest.”